About Me

24 years old

Born in France

Study in Milan

Having completed my undergraduate studies at HEC Montreal with a major in Corporate Finance and Strategic Management, I am currently enrolled in the Master's degree in Management at Bocconi University. As such, I have consolidated an interdisciplinary foundation and insight into Finance and Accounting.

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From artificial intelligence to deep learning software, I have witnessed the rapid creation of innovative and multidimensional solutions from the ground-up as a Strategy & Operations Manager at AI@Centech, run by Thales. My placement was with the Thales Artificial Intelligence Start-Up Acceleration Program, in cooperation with Canada’s largest deep-tech start-up accelerator.

I have always enjoyed grasping the concrete relevance of theory. Developing a strong scope in the Montreal student ecosystem led me to transfer theoretical teachings to real-life cases as Head of Section and Vice-President of External Relations of AEHEC (HEC Montreal Student Association). I view this experience as my first foothold in entrepreneurship, which entails a combination of soft skills such as effective management and communications, and quantitative abilities.

Deeply immersed in the entrepreneurial landscape, I am especially captivated by the transformative potential of TechForGood, Smart City, and GreenTech. These sectors not only resonate with my personal convictions but also underscore my commitment to proactively championing innovations that shape our collective future.

Looking ahead, I wish to join a start-up or – like AI@Centech – a multinational firm’s intrapreneurial initiative. In line with my interests in Finance and tech, I would notably be excited by the prospect of joining a venture capital fund in the field of new technologies and/or impact investing. Overall, I aim to join an environment conducive to creativity and innovation, and geared towards new technologies in a global context.

Professional Journey

Navigating through esteemed institutions such as Bocconi University and HEC Montréal, and enriched by a memorable exchange at Aalto University, I've gained a multifaceted perspective, blending European academic rigor with North American practicality.

Having engaged deeply in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, my journey through various platforms, including my experience at Thales, has fortified my belief in the transformative power of tech-driven initiatives. The depth of experience I gathered at places like Thales has been pivotal in shaping my entrepreneurial vision.

Outside of the classroom and boardroom, I've taken active roles that feed my entrepreneurial spirit — be it spearheading an e-commerce project like Sport Home Fitness or being an integral part of startup communities like Slush and student societies like AEHEC Inc.

What can I bring ?

My education and professional experiences across France, Italy, Canada, and Finland have endowed me with a unique cross-cultural perspective. This global exposure ensures an inclusive approach to innovation and problem-solving that goes beyond boundaries.

With hands-on experience from an AI-enabled startup accelerator program in North America, I have cultivated a unique set of skills, from quantitative abilities to strategic vision, all honed in the fast-paced world of tech startups.

My Aspirations

My primary aspiration is to combine my penchant for Corporate Finance and Entrepreneurship and being in the start-up ecosystem appeals to me in light of its dynamic, multi-tasking, growth-oriented nature. Having acquired experience, I would like to run an innovative company in the field of new technologies or be part of its executive management, having a say in strategic decisions.

Driven by the transformative power of TechForGood, Smart City, and GreenTech, these domains perfectly align with my core values. They emphasize a commitment to spearheading innovative solutions for a brighter, more sustainable collective future.

In light of the world’s current climate and health crises, leading positive transformations is more important than ever, I resonate with the mission and ambition to help tackle climate change and disasters by seeking to provide intelligent and impactful solutions.

Always open to chat !